Why Choose a Local Sight Care Independent Optician?

There is more to eye care than just an eye exam.

Just like your GP and your dentist, your local independent optician is a highly qualified, skilled professional with your best interests at heart. He or she brings the benefit of years of training and experience designed to take care of your eyes.

Your independent optician takes time to understand you and your lifestyle and believes in continuity of care. To ensure the long term health of your eyes, your optician invests in building a long-term relationship with you. On occasions, the length of your eye exam may require more time with your optometrist than scheduled for. This is one area we don't compromise on. We take as long as it takes to ensure you are provided with the very best health care.

Your optician chooses from a wide range of manufacturers to find the very best in spectacles and contact lenses for you. As they are independent, they are free to choose from a wide range of suppliers including designer brands you love.

Choosing a local Sight Care independent optician means:

  • a warm and friendly welcome
  • excellent clinical care
  • professionally qualified staff to advise at every point of the patient journey
  • excellent value for money on quality products and services
  • commitment to providing continuity of care
  • expert advice in frame selection and fitting
  • access to a wide range of products independently sourced
  • comprehensive advice for all age ranges

About Sight Care

aboutSight Care's mission is to support independent opticians who are committed to providing the highest standards of eye care in your local community.
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